Executive Recruitment

The council’s performance management and service plans

Our performance approach is a critical means by which we can make use of performance information to challenge our effectiveness and work to improve services and make them more customer-friendly.  Delivery of the Council Plan is monitored through a performance tracker. Supporting this tracker is a set of key performance indicators (KPI) and key financial monitoring information.

The KPIs are broadly aligned to our Council Plan priorities, and all performance information is reported on a quarterly basis to our Overview and Scrutiny Committee. By way of further challenge, this committee’s comments and observations are reported to the Executive Committee by the chair of Overview and Scrutiny Committee, and action is taken where necessary.

Each service group also produces an annual service plan. The delivery of service plan actions form part of normal business through management dialogue, 1:1 meetings and lead member briefings. At an individual level, there is a Personal and Professional Development (PPD) framework supported by a behaviours framework where individual performance and development can be monitored.

We have seen unprecedented challenges across the country as we have all faced the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Like organisations across the world, the biggest test we have ever experienced has been responding to this pandemic. The pandemic significantly changed and continues to change how the council operates on a day-to-day basis - however throughout this period we have successfully continue to deliver our services to our communities and businesses while maintaining our Covid-19 response and recovery.  

Alongside the pandemic we have continued to face unprecedented financial challenges. We are focusing closely on transforming the way we provide our services to help deliver income generation, so that we can continue to provide excellent value-for-money. Our council tax remains one of the lowest in the country and has been for many years – so we are experts in doing more with less.