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Our Public Services Centre

Central to our transformation programme, and everything we do at the council, is the unique offering at our Public Services Centre.

We have developed a common aim with our partners - both in the statutory and voluntary sector - to empower our workforces, share our buildings and develop a common vision for our place. By working together, we are reinventing local public services from the ground up.

As part of this, we have committed to developing a Public Services Centre which:

  • Provides access to a wide range of services in the same place for its residents.
  • Creates a space where different organisations can work together on shared issues with fewer barriers.
  • Creates savings for the organisations sharing the building. Currently, the Public Service Centre is home to the staff from the following organisations:
  • Tewkesbury Borough Council
  • Tewkesbury Borough Police Station (Gloucestershire Constabulary)
  • Job Centre Plus (Department of Work and Pensions)
  • Children’s Services (Gloucestershire County Council)
  • Gloucestershire Care Services incorporating Adult Social Services and Health services
  • Tewkesbury Growth Hub
  • Citizens’ Advice Bureau
  • Registrar services (Gloucestershire County Council)

Recognising a common purpose with our partners, who also work within our borough boundaries, we have created an environment where staff are free to work together to deliver lasting results for our residents. Co-location is part of the story, but even more important is the cultural change we have initiated to empower and develop opportunities for our teams to build relationships, share information and find joined-up answers to the issues faced by our communities. We have done this on a number of fronts and with real results. From supporting troubled families and introducing new ways of helping those facing financial exclusion, to a more proactive approach to enviro-crimes. So far, this set up has created significant rental income for the council. We are now working with our strategic partners to launch an integrated local health partnership approach, to help us link health, the Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (ICS) and doctors’ surgeries with our broader community work.

A further example of our effective partnerships at our Public Services Centre is One Legal. We are proud to host this successful joint, which incorporates Tewkesbury Borough, Cheltenham Borough, Gloucester City and Stroud District councils. This service creates fantastic savings to our partners through scales of economies and significant income through third party works.