Executive Recruitment

Peer Challenge 2020

In March 2020, the council underwent a fully-funded LGA Peer Challenge.

The feedback from the challenge’s final report was overwhelmingly positive. The team found that Tewkesbury Borough Council is a well-run organisation, which has a strong presence within its local place. It reported that both officers and members have a passion for the borough, which is recognised and valued by partners and the local community.

When it comes to its capacity to deliver, the council was found to have a hardworking and committed workforce ready to respond to the challenges ahead and deliver the priorities of the new Council Plan. The team found the Council Plan to be a sound blueprint for the future delivery of services within the borough, and that it reaffirmed the council’s longstanding commitment to driving an ambitious growth agenda.

In respect of garden town delivery, the peer challenge team recognised the good progress made for both the garden town at Ashchurch in Tewkesbury, and the garden village at the emerging Cyber Park, which is being delivered in partnership with Cheltenham Borough Council. Reflecting this, and recognising that the borough is the fastest growing area outside of London, it also reported the council as being a market leader in identifying and leading the delivery of local growth.

As with all peer challenges, the team also identified areas for improvement. Five key recommendations were made, including building on the council’s effective planning arrangements, creating senior leadership resilience, promoting the ‘Tewkesbury’ brand, and moving the garden town delivery programme to its next phase.

Reflecting the recommendations, we have adopted an internal action plan, which responds to these recommendations – with much progress already made - and this is monitored by our Overview and Scrutiny Committee on a regular basis.